About Mlek Holdings

The MLek Holdings was Founded by Mr. Edward M. Lekganyane, Mr. Ezekiel M. Lekganyane, Mr. Joseph M. Lekganyane, Mr. Taurean D. Holmes and Mr. Johannes M. Mohlabine as a way of empowering start-up’s and SMME’s, who we believe are working in silos, and therefore find it difficult to effectively serve as deterrents to the triple challenges of access to finance, access to markets and access to trusted professional services advisers.

The MLek Group is a membership based organisation premised on the precepts of “empowerment through unity”. It is an alternative to franchising or a chain store, but without the concomitant high costs. Members’ share not only the same vision but also the same identity with the Group, benefit from professional business support offered by the Group and get a share of rebates and discounts resulting from operational group accounts with suppliers. The working relationship with the Boyne Roller Mills (BRM) gives the Group a strategic competitive edge in terms of accessing an existing product and market, which would ordinarily be impossible to access.


United to support each other, we aim that every cent entering our network circulates multiple times over, thus accelerating economic emancipation.


To encourage business dealings between the group companies and members as well as between members. To become a source of business information, knowledge and contacts for members and other business people.


MLek group endorses the ethical standards as laid down by the Ethics Institute of South Africa. These standards require members to act with the highest degree of:
• Honesty;
• Integrity;
• Responsibility;
• Excellence; and
• Fairness.

Group Board Structure

Mr. Edward M. Lekganyane

Chairman of MLek Holdings and Subsidiaries

Mr. Ezekiel M. Lekganyane

Director of MLek Holdings and Subsidiaries

Mr. Joseph M. Lekganyane

Director of MLek Holdings and Subsidiaries

Mr. Taurean D. Holmes

Director of MLek Holdings and Subsidiaries

Mr. Johannes M. Mohlabine

Group Company Secretary of MLek Holdings and Subsidiaries



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